Schedule Getting full

Barb makes a Calendar for her parents each year and tries to use pictures of the family members with birthday's in that month.   It also serves as the scheduling place for posting items we are involved in.  I noticed that as I finished posting the rest of the year that it is starting to get full.  Old retired farts are not supposed to be that busy, I think...  I guess it is just a list of the things that could be done and not an absolute must do list. 

This last week I went to the Barbershop Chorus Board Of Director's meeting.  There was a discussion of variances from the budget for the year and it made me think of how that should be handled. Clearly there is nothing in our Bylaws or Chapter Policies.  I think I need to rectify that when I rewrite them.  To me, the budget of an organization is just a guide of what we think what we will have as income and a general guide on how that income should be spent.  Variances should be expected and it is the reporting part that needs fine tuned.  My experience with budgets comes from years of working with one in the Federal System and then watching the hoops jumped through at year's end.  At least with the Chorus Budget there is no need to spend it all and carry over is a good thing. 

O well,  enough of that business crap...   The weather here in the Heartland is a little cool overnight but the days are pretty nice.  The sunshine yesterday made it very nice outside.  The good news is there is not much to do outside right now.  As soon as the trees get the annual leaf drop  finished there will be great piles of leaves covering the landscape.  I will do my best to mulch them into a pile and let them compost. 

In the past, I have commented on the good things done by the sports teams I follow.  In some cases I have felt that my positive comments have jinxed their success.  I am not sure that there is any of that going to happen to the Royals.  I am sure that there are a lot of people holding their breath as they watch the Royals go undefeated in the Post Season.  For some reason the camera men on last night's game kept showing a couple of Fans in the stands as their team was losing.  The lady was kind of cute but they weren't doing anything special.  Those 2 to 1 games are not as much fun if your team has the one.  Watching the bull pen relievers come in after the 6th inning and shutting down the other teams is fun. 

Better get running.  Have a great day out there.


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