They are All Guilty

I am amazed that politicians all over the place are taking credit (and avoiding blame) for things they were not responsible for.   A prime example is that when the Legislature cut funding to schools here in Kansas, the Courts stepped in and told them that they needed to establish a floor for funding and do it "Right Damn Quick."  Now our pointy haired Governor is trying to advertise that it was his plan all along to give more money to schools.  The Republicans are saying that in Kansas we don't want to be like Washington.  In fact, the Republicans can pass anything they damn well please and cut taxes to businesses and are in danger of going broke in a year or so because they cut the income stream so much.  The only thing that will save them is a major turn around in the economy.  late this year or early next.  Lets see, it is the end of October so this year is pretty much done unless everyone goes overboard for Christmas. 

I am really getting tired of people throwing the issue of Abortion in my face.  I personally think that abortion is the wrong thing to do and not personally approve.  By the same token, I thought that politicians took an oath when they take office that they will support and defend the constitution and the laws as they stand.   Right now, without some major action, Roe vs. Wade is the law and unless they can figure out how to overturn the Supreme Court, they need to quit riding that dead horse and get on with the important issues like how to make do with the funding they now have.  That has to be one of the major issues facing us right now and abortion and Marijuana are down the list at 24 or 25. 

What I really hate is that the Republicans are saying that Pat Roberts is the thing that will save their bacon in the Senate.   If it were in my power, I would throw all the rascals out and start over.  Do they think that I want to hear two (or more) years of the bickering coming out of Washington because they can't put on their big girl panties and deal.  

Am I suffering from Baseball fatigue?  Just as I got worked up over the first game 7 in 12 years, the Royals lost a close game and San Francisco won 3-2.    There are people that want a parade this weekend for the losers.   I say they should be allowed to go home and be with their families.  Haven't they given an extra month of baseball this year?   Who was it that said?  "Winning isn't everything, it is the only thing!"   Oh well, well played Royals. 

I have been doing some reconstruction at Dave's and I hurt.  I have to crawl up and down in the hole where his bathroom was and my knees and hips hurt.  As much as I want to blame it on the work, I know it is old age and wonder just how much more it would hurt the next time if I don't do something now.   I will admit that Naproxen Sodium (Aleve) helps but I do have to sit here and blog until it kicks in.   I hope you feel that it is a good thing that I have time to write. 

Speaking of writing, I have looked over my past blogs and don't have a clue what you want or expect to see here.  I have varied from story telling to ranting about injustices and the readership just continues to climb.  I am nearing 600,000 hits and will be there sometime next week.  At this rate I will be over 700,000 by Christmas.  Oh well, why worry about what I cannot control.

The only thing I hate right now is that yesterday I cut the end of a finger on some sharp tile and now I am truly down to using only one finger on my right hand to type.  About the end of each line I have to go back and correct all the extra letters I have inadvertently inserted.  Instead of hunt and peck, I am doing hunt and correct.  Dang I hate it when that happens.  What I really hate is when I type a word that is completely wrong and the spell checker doesn't thgink so.  ( I left that one in just to show you what I mean.)

MUD, aka the wounded typist

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