As I read the paper and watch TV, there are a lot of things that cause me to ask WHY?  In my heart of hearts, I refer back to my rule to "Follow the Money" about a lot of things.  When I read about the dumb things that people do, the reasons often get blurry.  I will say that in a lot of cases, they didn't have my mother to think about.  Not that I didn't do a few things that I won't brag about, but there was always the thought in the back of my mind that what would my mother think if I did. 

Dad always wondered how I didn't go to Jail.  Mom just Loved Me.
With that said, I don't blame the mothers, the schools or the Government for the weaknesses of men.  We often just do things that are less than acceptable and need to stand up and be accountable.  I always wonder what I would have really done in school if I had worked as hard as a I played.  An almost full time job, a car and a girl friend just didn't leave much time for me to do that dreaded homework.  I was there and involved enough to get by with a lot of D's and only got A's and B's in the things that were performance based.  Choir and PE were a couple of those things.  I could play and sing my butt off.  Did you note that?  I gave you a reason but mostly it was me! 

Yep, Me in all my glory

Instead of wondering why the Government doesn't make me a rich man, I did finish my degree, went to work and worked  hard to get promoted.   Once I got the income under control, we worked on the outgo.  In the end it all came together and we have a nice good life.  I still buy Lottery Tickets from time to time but all I would do is get into trouble if I won.  Well. not if Barb has anything to say about it. 

Do you know why the Congress is so worked up about the Secret Service's need to protect the President?  Think about it..... If anything happened to Barack that would leave Joe Biden in charge.  I can't imagine how anyone with his ability to hire good speech writers could say so many stupid things.  I am sure that the Presidents that really set high standards in their speeches knew the value of good speech writers.  Then, they read what they were given to say.  The inspired us not confused us with unconnected things.  The great ones did not say I a lot and never blamed it on their predecessor. Many of us didn't like Harry Truman but he knew where the buck stopped and when it was on his desk, he said so. 
The Doe stops here
I am still thinking about the list of the top 25 things Congress should work on.  The problem is the complexity of what I would put on the list.  Does National Defense include what happens to Iraq or Afghanistan or what happens right on our southern border.  Does stopping the flow of Illegal Immigrants seem important or is it the flow of drugs that goes with it.  I am still torn between sending all those children back to Central America or taking two or three home to raise.   Those cute little kids are  such have great smiles and don't eat much.  There is always the budget where we are spending millions on wars in places and then having to borrow that money from ourselves and the Chinese.   No matter what is done, there is always the NIMBY (Not in My back Yard) group that thinks they are being treated unfairly when the government plugs loopholes they paid someone to put in the laws.  I can't wait for the explanation for the problems when Yellowstone volcano finally erupts.  I am sure that it will be blamed on the CO2 levels or Global Warming.  That park is like the hope diamond.  Very pretty to look at but it could be the worst thing to own.  Oh well, I did love to go there and someday might even go back.

In Short, the only answer I can really leave you with to the question of Why?  in Because!  Make up your own answer.

My Pal Rocky


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