Just how much sleep do you need?   For me it varies but over a 24 hour period I find that I function best if my sleep and naps are about 8 hours.   If the night is a little short, I generally fall asleep early the  next night or find myself watching the inside of my eyelids instead of whatever is on TV. 

Last night's Royal's game was postponed for a day.  Here at Rabbit Run we had a little over an inch of rain in the last 48 hours.  Throw in a 30 MPH wind it wasn't the best Ball playing weather.  The wind will be strong today but it will be sunny and at least 10 degrees warmer.  I guess the fall should have days that are a lot like spring with the addition of leaves every where. 

We have not had a cat during our marriage and while Dave and his wife, Barbara are here, their young cat Pixel is here.  I have never been around a cat that was a vocal as this cat is.  I am not sure if it is because he is needy or just vocal.  When Dave left this morning, Pixel went to the door and yowled that he wanted to go.  He will throw in different sounds in  like he is swearing.  He is about to get used to me and will let me pet him but is not fond of being picked up. 

Well, I guess I'd better get ready to roll and go see what the Cleaning Crew is up to.


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