1st Real Test

Tonight the KU Men's basketball team will have their first real test of the season.  No more DII guys doing their best.  Tonight UC Santa Barbara will show up with a team od seniors that will play hard and show off the KU teams strengths and weaknesses.  Can't wait to see how they do. 

I hurt my back lifting a couple of days ago and I am still paying for it.  It is a lot better today but it was trash day and lifting those cans was almost too much.  Oh well, I have the rest of the day to sit back and see if I can get better.  I will go to the game even if I have to walk funny (ier).   I think this would be a good night to tell the kids there is pizza in the freezer and go out to dinner.  Lawrence has a plethora of great places to eat.  One new one is in a gas station on the west side of Lawrence.  It is simple called "Eats".  Can't wait to try it. 

I do need to go up to Dave's and see if the demolition guys are going to get a truck in and get the mess on the back porch cleared off prior to it snowing.  We are predicted to have 4-5" this Saturday.  It wouldn't hurt to have the bags of insulation removed from the dinning room either.  I'm sure that just getting them out will greatly improve the smoke smell.  I got rid of the mildew so they need to get back in there and go to work. 

I wonder what the life of my Grandkitties will be like when the move back into their house.  There will be no one to keep the entertained during the day.  Pixel still doesn't like to be held but he does hang around me a lot.  I am going to do something about his nails as they are sharp little pins and I have several small scabs from his accidentally poking me.  Not scrapes but minor pin pricks.   Little bugger.

I am going to see if there is a way to help Dave defrost his windscreen in the morning.  His defroster switch doesn't divert the warm air to his windshield well.    There needs to be a small electric heater that he can use.  I have a full size heater but that would be a pain.   I could move the wife's car outside but then she would probably not drive it at all.   Oh well.... We'll see.

Life here at Rabbit Run is slowing down with the arrival of cold weather.  It went from hot to cold, not cool, COLD almost overnight.   Oh well, gotta go and see what's happening.


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