A New Day

I for one am optimistic about the next two years.  I have high hopes that the election energized the congress to stop the gridlock and see if there are some problems that we can truly fix.  At least the House and the Senate have one party to answer to.   It will be interesting to see if they tackle the tough problems and really get things done. 

This morning CNN was talking about the differences in the approach of the Democratic Party from the time of the Presidency of Bill Clinton to the times facing Hillary when and if she runs.  I might even vote for Hillary if she would throw Bill out and face the fact he is a philandering scallywag.  He is well beyond the reformation that should be a member of a President's family.   One of the headlines was that the GOP want Hillary to run because she has so many skeleton's in her closet.  I think that might backfire because the people have such a short memory. 

An interesting discussion today was the part of the problems sponsored by the press.  I don't blame them as much as I blame the people that listen to crap and think they are getting the full picture.  As I say that, I saw a small segment of CNN's competition that did a piece on John Cleese of Monty Python fame.  He is out there hyping his new book and the people gushed over the Department of Silly Walks that was just barely funny 25 years ago. 

I wonder who is the mastermind behind the Muslim Revolution?  How can they think that sponsoring a war is more effective that some of the good ways they could spend money.  How about Ebola Clinics and Hospitals?  How about instead of kidnapping young girls, they start schools to help bring the countries up to modern standards?   If I wanted to have people believe in my religion, I would bring about better lives for the people not kill them if they believe the way I do.  Don't tell me that it is Mohammed and his radical belief in Allah.  We could all benefit from looking at today's realities and the message of how to live and reach some form of afterlife.  I am a person that believes that you get what you earn and don't shout let god do his will (Inshallah) as an excuse when bad guys do bad things. 

The weatherman is saying that next Tuesday we might even get a little snow if the predictions of a massive cold front comes true.  It might even be kind of fun to see a little snow and then it warm up to 45 degrees in the afternoon.   Is it those heavy and deep snows in January and February  coupled with minus degrees overnight that I really don't like. 

Oh well, I hope you all have a great day out there in the real world and live you life like it is yours.  If only  I had the energy of the kitten living with us.  He just ran from the living room down to the window down here by my computer.  He is fascinated by the birds I attract by throwing a few sunflower seeds on the porch.

Can't you see the wheels turning?


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