Yea, We Get to Vote Today

I will do my best to not turn this into a rant about the 42 Robo Calls this past week.   You can bet your sweet potato I will get out and vote to thank all the people that think they can sway my vote by annoying me.  We were out yesterday from 2 PM  until about 10 PM and there were 8 calls on the answering machine.  After a quick cross scheduling conference, Barb told me that she has a meeting at 10 AM.  I am welcome to go vote any time.  It is about 9 AM on election day and there was a Robo Call from the Republican party. 

We got to see the first game of the 2015 Jayhawks last night and they are pretty good.  They don't have the 7 foot player but they have a couple of almost 7 foot players that are darn good.  I am proud that our Washburn University team scheduled the Big XII into their schedule.  They will also play Oklahoma on Friday and K-State on Sunday.  The coach said this was scheduled so they could go to Hawaii in late November.  I think they will need a day or two on the beach after that tough schedule. 

We are waiting for the refurbishment at Dave's house to begin.  It looks like the Insurance Company is doing their best to make it all happen now it is up to the Tradesmen to get on the stick.  The kids have a great plan and are working with  a great cabinet company.  The first pole in the tent is getting the rest of the inside removed.  I took out some of the stupid things that were just in the way.  Now it will remain to be seen how many screws they can get out.  Instead of using a normal number of screws, the previous owner used a screw about every 4 inches.  Over kill. 

Better get my show on the road.


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