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Washburn University, our Local University, has a real aggressive schedule this week.  They start with KU Tonight,  Oklahoma on Friday and K-State on Sunday.  If that doesn't rock their world, noting will.   My prediction is they will be 0-3 at the end but what a ride for that bunch of players.  It will be fun to read who they say is the toughest team.  The team with the best talent but the smallest amount of experience is KU.  They will play with wild abandon and make lots of mistakes.  I will be in the stands tonight and be cheering them on.   Rock Chalk, Go KU!

Things are pretty ready for the restoration guys to move in to Dave's and start the removal of the rest of the sheetrock.  I did some work last week but am pretty much ready to let the big boys handle it from here.  One mistake I made was to sit down right where the toilet had been.  They removed he toilet but not the wax ring.  I had a big glob of wax on my butt and transferred it to the truck seat.  In case you have never used it, WD-40 does a great job of cleaning things like that up.  The good news is the truck seats are vinyl and if anything WD-40 helps condition the vinyl and clean at the same time. 

We had a birthday dinner with Dave's in-laws last night at the Red Robin.  Larry and Sandy are always fun to visit with and they brought Sandy's mother and Kyler.  Lots of good discussions and the kids got some really neat cards.  Barb and I paid for our own meal and when I got home, I realized that the waitress didn't put the onion rings on our ticket.   I owe Larry on that one.

Have I mentioned that we have three cats here at Rabbit Run?   We went from none to three all in one fell swoop.  It is kind of fun to see the kitten grow and the female start getting slimmer running around chasing and being chased by Pixel.  The old male just goes from sunny spot to sunny spot and wanting petted.  The Kitten is just so wild that unless he is completely worn out, he doesn't want petted.  Most of the time he goes from full on to asleep. 

The first thing on my agenda today is to go out and figure out how to adjust the frame on the small door for the metal bldg.  It doesn't align well and a good south wind blows it open.  I'll get if figured out in no time and then I might even see if the tractor will start.  Most of the little tractors have the typical small batteries on them and I might even rotate the charger between them.   The bad thing about those small batteries is they will freeze if not fully charged and that will be the end of them.  I think both batteries are new this year so I would like to get one more season out of them.   I probably will tinker around in the shed for a while and then come in and put a good scrub on the kitchen floor.  I haven't been very good at doing my detail on that lately. 

Oh well, better get things rolling.   I wrote on the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) yesterday but it turned out that it was just a re-write of my life story and bored me to tears.   I might even start over and try to get out of my own beaten zone for a story line. 


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