Who Left The Door Open?

Yesterday Barb and I went out and cleaned up the garden.  She pulled the dead plants and I took the drip irrigation out.  It was breezy but still in the 60's.  About 5 PM Barb went to pick up our Daughter-in-law and wished she had taken her coat.  By the time I got to the Barbershop Chorus Practice, it was 33 degrees.  To make it worse, the wind was blowing about 30 MPH.  Sheesh. 

Today is Veteran's day.   It started on the 11th Hour of the 11th day of the 11th Month and the close of WWI.  It was called Decoration day and I can remember going to Eldorado and putting flowers on the grave of my Grandfathers.  They both survived WWI but passed away during WWII.  I didn't get to know either of them and I always thought that it was interesting that you could see their graves there near each other.  That recognition soon became what we call Veteran's day and we use this day to recognize those that have served both living and dead. 

I am proud that many members of my family served is several different wars.  We have a long tradition of serving when our country called.   I am especially proud that it allowed me to use the GI Bill and get an education.  I used it to get my degree and never looked back.  With that, I served 30 years and 10 months.   I would have served longer but they had this rule that 30 years commissioned service was all that they would let me serve.  Oh well.

I tried to never loose that smile.

Well, I tried to never loose it.
Going to watch KU Men play basketball tonight.  You have a great day.


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