Happiness vs. Contentment

Are you a half full or half empty glass kind of person?   Are the voters that didn't bother content with the fact they didn't change the Government or unhappy because they don't think they can change things with their vote?  Are you chasing money in your job because of the things you think you want or happy in the idea that the money you make you able to have the things you love?   Do you love your job?  If so, you won't have to work a day in your life.  I won't tell you that I loved every job I had in my life, but I attacked them with as much vigor as I could stand to help me advance.

I was able to seek and reach advancement in my profession up to a point where I was making a darned good living.  I always felt there was a way I could make things better and sought positions of increasing responsibility up to the number two position in the agency.  I wanted to be the Chief of Staff and through two successive selections, I was not the person selected.  I was able to accept the choice they made secure in the knowledge that I could continue to have a darned good job in the end of my career. 

Once upon a time I had a talk with my dad and about the length of time he remained married to my mother.  He was sure that it was a lot of work to find a new person and have them love you.  For a little less work you could keep and love the wife you have.  After 46 years, I can attest to the goodness in his advice.

My wish for you this Holiday Season is to do your best to find happiness in what you have and not in what you get.  Sharing and caring for others is probably a lot better than trying to make things better for yourself.  Works for Me!

Even with a shiner, you can always find a way to wink

MUD, aka glass is half full kind of guy.

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