Watch Out, The Law of Unintended Consequences is about to get us.

In past posts, I have tried to point out that in many cases, there are Unintended Consequences that follow from actions that Politicians don't fully understand.  For example, raising the standards for Medical Insurance without measuring the impact of the higher rates will raise the rates for all.  We were promised lower rates and that we could keep the Doctor we had.  The longer this goes on, the less likely the trust in our Government will survive. 

Now we face having another 12 Million undocumented people from Central and Middle America be given a path to citizenship without regard to their ability to provide to the common benefit.  In fact, they are likely to cost us way more than we will benefit in a lot of areas.

The first area is that the Government has no plan or intention to force the new people to pay taxes on their income.  Many will continue to work as day laborers and "Off the grid earners."  There will be many added to the Social Security rolls that have not paid into the system like the majority of us.  There is a projected timeline that the system will run out of money and add 10 or 12 million more won't help.

The new undocumented workers will rely on the Hospital emergency rooms for their medical needs.  Have you been to the Emergency room lately?  They are crowded, slow and full of sick children that should see a primary care physician not the emergency room.  

I   am not entirely convinced that addition of 12 million people will be the death knell to our system but I do want the Government to be truthful when they do things that have massive implications on our systems. 

One final note is that today our local people said that only 42% of the people voted in our last election.  It is a shame that our friends and neighbors care so little about the direction our Government is headed.  When it really gets smelly and things get crispy, don't blame it all on the people that voted. 

They Did What?


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