Out of Body Experience

If you are as old or older than I am, you realize that while you are able to motivate yourself to do things, there just isn't the ability any more.  There was a time I could run a six minute mile in combat boots but now I am lucky if I can find my keys fast enough to drive that far that fast. 

I had the eyes of an eagle and could read line 15 at 20 feet and if it moved, I could see it no matter how far off in the distance.  Now even with reading glasses I struggle to read the morning paper.  I have almost given up reading books and like my mother, watch old movies on TV.

I hurt my back years ago and the arthritis has me taking Naproxen Sodium twice a day.  I can tell if I miss my dose because of the lack of mobility.  If I forget my evening dose, sleep comes very hard. 

I swear that having that kitten here is like having a heard of Buffalo.  I didn't realize how much noise a kitten can make running on the floor upstairsIf he see's a squirrel   go over the edge of the deck, he will run full steam downstairs to catch him on the ground.  No, he will not probably be an outside cat - ever.  We have coyotes, owls and varmints that would love to make short work of that tasty tender kitten.

We have friends in Morocco and she wrote about a mist or fog that contained so much dust that it left a layer on everything.   Here in the heartland if the north wind kicks up, it will pick up parts of Nebraska and leave it deposited on the cars.  Many times I have to run the windshield washer as I drive out of the driveway to see clearly where I am going.  For those of us that studied Meteorology at the Cannon Cocker College at Fort Sill, we know that it is caused by the fact the wind sucks in Oklahoma. 

Better get moving for the day.


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