Are You Ready?

I am ever so ready for this round of elections to be over.   The lies have been so exaggerated this year and the 4 Billion Dollars of advertising has filled my mailbox every day this week.   By this time, I am ready to vote and no amount of dollars will change my vote. 

I don't care what the Republicans say, I will not vote for another incumbent.  37 years of experience in Washington makes up way too much time spent there.  The surest test will be where will the old guys live when we pull the pin on the grenade of votes that un-elects them.  Did Bob Dole come home to Kansas?    Did Ike come home to Kansas?  Nope, and it is my impression that Roberts won't either.  

We are nearing the first Round ball contest for KU this Monday evening.  As much as I hate to miss a practice for the Barbershop Chorus, I think seeing the first game is important.  The paper did have one piece of bad news this morning.  A really great kid, Conner Frankcamp from Wichita is not going to play for KU after this semester.  He will transfer out to a smaller school, where he will be a bigger duck in a smaller puddle.   He was one of my highlights last year and while his scoring won't be missed much, having guys like that on the team just makes them a better bunch.   I wish him well and will watch for him to be a great scorer for teams next year. 

Oh well, better run.   Just so you know, I did not post an article I wrote about PTSD.   It was way personal and I didn't feel I had written things that I wanted to publish.   Yes, I know that is hard for me to do but I put it back on the shelf and may re-write it someday.  



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