It could be Worse.

This morning I walked out to get the paper and it is a typical 20 degree day with a light breeze from the north.  I came inside and saw the news from Buffalo, NY.   5 feet of snow on the ground and 4 inches and hour falling down and here I was concerned that my tootsies might be cool.  It Could Be worse. 

When I think about ways to get a good return on my investments, I realize that I have to have money to be concerned about return on my investments.  It could be worse. 

My son and his wife are here for a couple more weeks while their house is getting a new bathroom after a small fire.  I listened to a program on the Today show and they were talking about the one in thirty children that have no home.  It could be worse. 

When I think about al the small jobs I have to do, I realize that there are many people my age that have to still be working to live.  It could be worse.

There are times when I think about how unexciting my day has been and then I hear about the rifleman that shot up a University in Florida.  It could be a hell of a lot worse. 

I guess the recurring theme I want to share with you is that we all have it pretty darned good and "It Could Be Worse."  Aren't we glad it isn't.

MUD,  aka the man with a smile on his face

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