Is it really Friday?

This week has shot by like few do.  Not sure why, but I'll take it.  We opened the week with record high temps and it is headed to a possible snow by Tuesday.   Today will be one of those day when I wore a coat to get the morning paper and will be in shirt sleeves by late afternoon. 

One thing Barb, aka the Master Gardener and I have each morning is "What's on your Agenda?"  This morning neither could find even a hint of anything but rest up from resting up.  I will probably go to Dave's sometime today and see if there is any demolition I can speed up.  There are about a million sheet rock screws in the walls that need removed so that might not be a bad place to start.  Might even find a couple of places that might need a little of my help.  We'll see.

Yesterday I realized that I have not been very good about singing to my Barbershop Music.  If I go to Dave's, I'll take a CD as there is a player there I can listen to.  It is either that or Rush Limbaugh.  He is still promoting the part line that America has spoken in the election.  I think that the majority of the voters held their noses and gave the other side the chance to rule for a while.  That will change next election if the Republicans don't get things rolling and soon.  Not sure what they think they can do but there is always a big Veto out there that can put the big Kibosh on stray items.

Out Daughter-in-Law said she has lost about 15 pounds since they have been here.  I hope is that they are really cutting down on Fast Food and not that my food has made her so sick she can't eat.   With my Iron constitution, it could be the latter. 

The cats just love to sit by the window here downstairs and watch the birds.  I am sure that in his younger days the old guy was a real birder but now they just get to watch.   Kind of like when my mother said that I could have a BB gun but couldn't shoot birds.  At least not in our yard.  What Mom didn't see was just, "Out of Sight, out of mind."  She had to be out of her mind to think I wouldn't shoot about everything I could see.  I got pretty good at it also.

Have I shared with you that my Niece in Arkansas has been elected to the House of Representatives.  Rebecca Petty was a fairly liberal in Kansas but that equates to a conservative in Arkansas.  You know a State who's largest paper is the Arkansas Democrat Gazette would have a long Democrat history.  It was hard to read the paper there as a life long conservative.  Oh well, I read the comics not the editorial pages.  The only change in the latest few years is the moving of older people to Arkansas when they retire.  That had to change things a lot like Florida.   Salute Beck..

What are you going to do to help celebrate Veteran's Day?  I will at least read how the 11th Hour or the 11th Day of the 11th Month was the end of WWI.  It started out as a tribute to the decoration of those that valiantly gave up their lives in that horrible war.  We have now turned it into a celebration of all those that have served their country.  I am sure that a lot of us served and are darned glad to be alive to celebrate.  There was the possibility that we might have a sing out that day but it came in so late that I'm not sure we will have numbers to make it happen. 

Oh well, better get on with the day.  Have a great weekend.

MUD,  aka the singing fool.

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  1. Anonymous6:52 PM

    I have never been "fairly liberal," and I haven't lived in Kansas since I was 12 years old. Wth?
    Rebecca Petty