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My Challenge to everyone and especially those people that are doing their best to burn and loot Ferguson, MO and the surrounding towns is.   Do What you Did, and you will get what you Got.  Raise your children with the idea that because they are black they don't get a fair chance in life and guess what, they will burn your town down when things don't go their way.  Instead of empowering them to go figure out how they can be a part of change and how our Government gives them power like few other countries, do tell them they are inferior. 

The other day I listened to a commentator talk about how the problems in Ferguson are just stacked against the Government in charge.  If they react to the lawlessness, they are racist and adding to the burden of the black people.  If they don't, they are leaving the law abiding business owners to the mercy of a mob.  It is a no win situation.   Someone said that the police are spending too much time in the poor communities and it is unfair.  Hell Yes, it is unfair that the majority of the crime occurs where the poor people live.  When we change the culture of our society and help everyone know what a great place this is to live can we ever hope to have people do their best to achieve their best.

The other day I watched a program about crime in the fair city of Colorado Springs, CO.   There was a moving truck getting ready to make a pickup in a housing development the next day.  There were four ex-felons that decided to break into the truck and steal what they could.   The first problem was that four ex-felons were living in this one housing complex.  The second problem was there was nothing but a sleeping guy in the truck so instead of not taking anything, they took his life by beating him with a tire jack.  If they had opened the door and when they saw nothing inside just left, probably no one would have called the police.  But these thugs thought they might get caught so they killed a man.  Say What?  Are we so blind as a society that our children grow up thinking that any life, including theirs is disposable?   Three of the four guys got four years in prison and one guy with the jack got life in prison.  Where did we go wrong?

If you live in Detroit, and your city is falling down around you, don't re-elect the Government of the same party that got you to where you are.  I don't know for sure but from what I have read, the Democrats have been in charge there so long that there probably aren't any Republicans left in the city.  Notice that I haven't said anything about race?  I don't care if a person is pink, white, black or indifferent, they have a mind and can vote to make changes.  If the elections don't make the needed changes, vote with your feet and get the hell out of Dodge or Detroit as the case may be.

This is our country and we need to stand up and tell people what we think and what need to be done to make it change.  If you think that rioting and burning your town down, you don't understand.  Why did the black owned businesses leave Watts in California?   The citizens burned down their businesses down.  No Bank would loan them money to rebuild and even if they did have financing, the insurance rates there would have been way too high to make a profit.  Now everyone is standing around and yelling there are no black laundries, barbershops or small business owners in the black communities.   Gee, wonder why?

Don't tell me that you can't get a leg up on life if you don't first stand up and say here is my plan and I'm going to make it work.  We will pay for your education through High School and if you are willing to work for it, you can go to college.   I did and so can you.  But, do what you did and you will get what you got.

MUD, and Mad as hell

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