I'll Be Damned

I thought that because Tuesday was election day, the Robo calls would stop.  About the time we got home from voting, I got a call that wanted to remind me to go vote for the Republican of my choice.  Then, about 6 PM, I got a call from a pollster wanting me to answer questions about who I voted for.  Crap, I hate it when that happens.  The next kind of call like that will get an ear full.

For some reason, my name got on the sucker call list and my cell phone has been on the ring for the last few days over a daily offer from a couple of places.   I finally had to come in to my computer and figure out how to get off the list.  I think they call it un-subscribe even though I never subscribed.  One of these days, I will completely shut down the whole mess. 

Now on to the important thoughts of the day.  The Republicans are running around and shouting that they won.   What people will remember in two years is what they do between now and the next election.  I want to see a list from the Congress of the things they are going to fix.  I want a regular report on how they are doing and to be kept in the loop.  Here is my list of things that need fixed;

   The Economy.  First and foremost I want to see how the Congress can stimulate job growth and cut taxes.   I seem to remember that Jimmy Carter's tried to fix this and was labeled the second worst President.   I am reminded that if you find yourself in a hole, STOP DIGGING!

    Immigration.  We need to stop letting people in to our country until we get some of our problems fixed.  Stop the flow of drugs along with the people.  I want the illegals that are here have a way to work and then go home without Social Security benefits.  The only way this will really work is to annex Mexico and shut the flow of people down about the Panama Canal.   Nah, they will just figure out a way to go to Canada and walk across.

    The Military.   Just how big a Military do we need?    How many stealth bombers do we need to defend our borders?   I would make sure that all the young men and women had the chance to do some form of national service and a chance to attend school - year for year for their service.  For those not interested in College, I would send them to a trade school to learn how to do some of the vital tasks we need done.  Just this week I got a bill for $600.00 for two guys who spent about 2 1/2 hours doing plumbing work.  Don't tell me there isn't enough work or workers.

    Our Government has a bunch of houses from the last housing balloon bust.   I would start a program that teaches young men and women how to rehab these houses and make them a good place to live.  I would remove most or all of the Government Housing Complexes and  put people in these houses with a least to own basis.  I would have an annual inspection /repair to these homes by teams of the people I have trained.   I think this is really a workfare not welfare program but in the end it would have to be fully evaluated.

Government Funding of stupid things.   I don't care how many frogs don't have a completely satisfying sex life.  I would not spend a dollar on anything that didn't directly benefit people. 

Private Sector Spending on the elections.  I would cut out the ability to take funds from PACs and individuals that leads to hundreds of advertisements.  I would give everyone a chance to have their programs and ideas put in a special edition of the paper.  I would then have a copy delivered to each house.  I would limit the exposure on TV to one debate for the primary and one for the  main election.  Yes, I know this flies in the face of my free speech agenda but what the heck.

I would personally cut down on the visas to students to come here to go to school.   I darn sure would have them register and be monitored for expiration dates.  If your visa expires, you get sent home. 

OK, that's enough for the first round.  You'll hear a lot more about this in the future.

MUD,  aka Man on a Mission

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