4 More Inches

Yesterday Barb went out and dumped another 4 inches of rain out of the rain gauge.   The weathermen say it will continue to rain through Monday.   I am pretty sure that as soon as it dries out, there are three yards that will need mowed.  I have a young man that loves to drive the zero steer mower and I'm sure he can be hired pretty cheep.  It is the feeding him that will be expensive.  He eats a lot like I did at his age.  Frequently and deep.

Monday the Topeka Capitol city Chorus will sing for a Memorial Day Service.  Should be fun.  We will sing the National Anthem,  America the beautiful,   Battle Hymn and the Armed Forces Medley.  These are four of my favorite songs and I hope we are well tuned up.  We will wear our Tuxedos and those of us that were in the Military will wear our ribbons.  The one I will wear with the most pride is the one that says Retired as it represents a nice chunk of change arriving in my bank  account each month.  OK, it represents 30+ years in uniform and that makes me very happy and proud.

From Private to Colonel in 30 short years

Our son and his wife are going to celebrate their anniversary soon.  I don't have a clue what to suggest we get them.   I guess I should just hope that Barb will have some good ideas.  That has worked well so far but I guess I should have an idea or two.  I don't think a lid for their septic system is a bad idea but Barb does.  Oh well, I always was more practical than pretty.

Sometime in the next day or two I will go over to the cemetery where Mom and Dad are buried and put up some flags and flowers. Seems like the least I can do.  I will take pictures and put them out to the family. 

Better get rolling and do something worthwhile.


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