Petty Corollary

Remember the Ron White punchline, "I had the right to remain silent, I just didn't have the ability." ? Now for all of you that are English scholars, how the heck would you punctuate that sentence?  Where does the question mark belong?  Normally you put the ending punctuation before the closing quotes.    The problem with that is the fact that Ron wasn't asking a question, I was.  Oh well, don't bother to answer, I really don't care.  That's a Petty Corollary.

Back to the title of this piece.  In a lot of cases, my snarky side escapes me and I will add what I call a Petty Corollary to the end of something someone else says.  Part of that is caused because I either don't know who said it or I am too lazy to look it up. 

For example. this morning I pointed out that when hunting, shoot the easy one's first.  Think about all the press Donald Trump is getting.  Is there any doubt that reporters world wide are listening to his every word so they can shoot the easy one?  

A lot of accidents start with "Hey, I wonder what will happen if I do........."  

Do you wonder what will happen if Hillary is charged with a crime before the election?  Throw in Bernie Sanders as the Democrat candidate and then what?  That would make it all too easy to say the lesser of two evils.  Would Hillary give herself a Presidential Pardon if elected?  Would she give Bill a Pardon from the Impeachment?  Oh well, enough of the snarky things for this morning.

Back in my Billy goat days

Oh well, I had better stop here and go show Barb how to set up the sprayer. 



  1. Her 1st pardon would be for Obama, then she will take executive privilege for herself.

  2. I think the executive privilege will cover him because he didn't mean to do it, or whatever he didn't do.