Like We Need More Rain

When I went to sleep last night, it looked like we might escape the rain but this morning I see there is no such luck.  Don't think it is a hard rain but we don't need it right now.  I got our and mowed but was far short of finishing even the small amount around here that I needed to mow.  Did I ever tell you that I hate to get old?  Well Duh Dennis.

I am resisting the urge to punch a guy square in the face.  He seems to just urkes me to no end.  If he was the perfect guy, I could overlook some of his antics.  I know this is my problem but I am about a life saver short of a full boat load of his crap.  OK, I know I need to demonstrate resilience in the face of this minor adversity.  I hope to fall back into my motto - Smile and keep them wondering what I am up to.

As if it wasn't a dark and rainy day, the e-mail this AM carried news that another of my Guard friends passed away.  He was only 66 and again I didn't even know he was sick.  I hate it when the only news I get is after they died.  My wish is that like the legend says, we will meet at Fiddler's Green and share a canteen cup of Grog and tell each other lies about our great accomplishments in the Military.  I do hope it will be a while before I have to go there. 

Speaking about sad things, I met a friend at Dillon's yesterday and he was in a wheel chair.  All the health problems that has plagued him for the past decade is now being attributed to Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam.  I guess that is the new mystery diagnosis for the shit that happens to us old soldiers.  I have offered that up to the VA when things happen without any obvious cause.  So far they have resisted accepting that.  It does seem to take longer and longer to get in shape each spring. I am looking for a way to not have the recession in health in the winter. 

Barb came home with a pile of good books from our library.  I started reading the John Sanford series called the Prey Series.  There is enough mystery and action to keep me engaged.  With the rain today, I will just stay inside and read as much as I can. 

I would tell you some phony reason for stopping here but - That's all folks.


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