Weather or not, we will weather this storm

For the record, I want everyone to know that I do not support any millionaire from New York for the Office of the President.  I do not think they either one know how hard people work to survive out here in the Heartland.   I can't imagine that anyone that accepts hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches even realizes that that money came out of the pockets of the people they claim to support. Ask Scotland if the Donald has brought the prosperity he promised to their country. 

If anyone were to ask Bernie if he thought that Free College educations is a good idea, he would say sure.   How about those of us that worked hard to pay for our education?  Why should I continue to do that for others?  Besides, don't we have to borrow about 30 cents of every dollar we spend?  Isn't that debt added to the burden already their shoulders going to be just more misery.  Socialism works until the Government runs out of other people's money.  

I read that if you look at the size of our military we spend more than the next six nations combined.  At least a great share of that money goes to support people and spending on things here in America. I can tell you first hand that when Jimmy Carter cut the Military spending it cost a lot of people their jobs.  I think our Military is probably one of the best job programs out there.  It teaches our young people to show up and be accountable for themselves.  That is a small cost in my opinion.

Just once, I would love to have everyone show up and vote on election day.  I would encourage people to Never Re-elect Anyone.  If the goof balls running our show can't do things right, lets find a crew that can.   I think that serving the people should be work not easy.  I would have them live in barracks and stand in line and pay for their own haircuts.  During the off season, they should have to go home and tell their constituents what the heck they did.   (or didn't do)

One of the craziest things I heard all week is that the dreaded Koch Brothers are going to support Hillary for the Presidency.  That should tell you just how screwed up this election is going to be.  For the record, I want to remind you that no matter how much money they spend, the Koch Brothers can't change my beliefs and actions.  No amount of political advertising can make me believe that a sow's ear is a silk purse.

I am reminded of the conversation that a lady started on a shuttle for the Jazz Festival.  She was really telling everyone what a good job Hillary did as a Senator from New York.  I calmly asked her to name one thing she did for us while she was in congress.  She went on to elaborate the things she did for the people from New York.  I casually told her that those things should have been done in Albany as a State Senator.  Hillary was a US Senator and should have focused on the entire US not those from her home State.  Many people in the Van all agreed with me but I am pretty sure that I didn't change that lady's mind.   There is just no way I could ever cause the lady to have a Significant Emotional Event and change her beliefs. Oh well...

Think Globally but act locally.  Try to do your best to support those around you and not hurt others.


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