Dang, Missed Trash Day Again

For most of the many years we live here at Rabbit Run trash day was Friday.  For reasons unknown to me, they changed the day to Wednesday.  This morning I walked out to get the paper and the trash truck was going down the street.  Dang I hate it when that happens.  Oh well, they will be back in a week.  Now that it is mostly Barb and I, we don't hardly fill much more than one small can anyway.  We also have a recycle bin for the large dry stuff and that barely has a small amount in it.

Going to take the new mower up to my son's house some time today so his nephew can do some mowing there.  It beats the heck out of me having to do it.   I still have a little here to mow here but I think it will wait until I get back from our short trip. 

I have a friend that has about 15 people comment on his every post.  I have only one person that posts a comment and even that is not very often.  I wonder if I am so right or so wrong all the time.  Perhaps he has a lot of young friends that feel compelled to post a comment and most of mine are older. 

How do you manage to stay on track with your finances?  Don't get me wrong, we are mostly cash and it is not a big hairy deal but I am curious.  When we travel, I use the credit card and not the debit card and for the most part pay cash at a local gas station where they will let me pump gas and then pay.  I guess it is just an old guy thing. 

Better get moving so I can get two things done today not just this one.


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