Oopsie Daisy

This is a much cleaned up version of what I said when I fell off the ladder the other day.  The good news is that day by day I am much better.  The bruises are well on their way to becoming yellow marks and the only real hurt is the stressed muscles in my back.  I can't move real quick but at least I can get up.

Dave came over the other night and gave me the new Pentatonix CD.  I love the way they blend their voices and the beatbox sound on the side of their songs. Their Bass just reminds me that I should be truly a Bass and not a Baritone.  I can carry the part but I lack the true vibrancy of the bass part.  One of the things I love about Pentatonix is they are not caught into any one style.  It is all good and they are so blended.
Barb is off to the eye Doctor for her final follow up from having her cataracts fixed.  She seems to be very pleased with the results.  Now if I can get her attitude changed about the Oklahoma Lawyers.  She is not in a smiley mood.  Some day that story will fully divulge but not for now.

As a retired guy, I find it kind of funny that if there is anything on the calendar we try to not schedule anything else.  It took a day runner to schedule all the things I had to do back in the day and now that one inch white space now drives our days.  I guess it is all in your perspective. 

Just a moment ago, my phone rang.  I got up and caught it on the third ring.  The only problem it was on my cell phone and I missed it by the time I realized my mistake.  When I tried to call that number back, it went no where.  Must be someone's fax machine and it doesn't answer with anything.  Oh well, that's another number I need to program to block. 

Speaking of that, Verizon has a feature that allows me to block five call on my cell phone.  If I want more than that they want another $5.00 a month.  I guess I will just rotate the numbers for a while.  Yes, I am a cheap cell phone user and hate to have to pay a lot of money to the ability to stay in touch.

Better get on the stick.  


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