Way Too Much Work, Not Near Enough Energy

I can remember when I was growing up I could hit the floor running in the morning and pretty much stay that way all day.  Not so much anymore.  Whatever I did the day before now haunts me with aches and pains.  I bought a riding mower and now it makes my back hurt from bumping me along as I mow.   As a kid I never took any meds but now two Aleve's are mandatory.

The bad part of toys to do jobs here at Rabbit Run is the confounded maintenance they need.  It seems like it takes me an hour to get things in order to save ma an hour when I do little jobs.   There was a time when I finished the basement in Ottawa with only hand tools.    Not one powner tool was a part of that job.  Now I have three or four kinds of saws and a chain saw.  Oh well.

I am one of those people that can't believe that people would take good time out of their lives to watch horses race around a track.  There are even people that bet good money on who wins.  Don't you know that the horse doesn't care and it is all rigged?  I once had a friend that said that until he was in the Army he had never missed a Kentucky Derby.  Poor guy..  Wonder what he is doing now days. 

There are people in Kansas that are trying to revive the dog racing tracks.  If you think horse racing is dumb, you should see the dogs run.  There was one dog in the one and only race I have ever gone to that actually stopped to take a crap right in front of the grandstand.  In the following race one dog that was way out front tripped and fell and took out about half of the pack right on his heels.  One guy up in the stands hollered that he wanted to adopt that dog so he could kick his ass the rest of his life.  I knew who needed a good ass kicking and it wasn't the dog.  Did you hear about the dyslexic agnostic that just knew there was no dog?

Well, that is about the limit of how deep my word well is today.  See you on the rebound tomorrow.


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