Off the Net

I will be off the net for a couple of days.  Legal matters to take care of to Oklahoma.  One of these days we will have this done but not for now.

One of these days, I will learn how to work my own cell phone for the best benefit for the cost.  If I am asked, I have a smart phone but am a dumb user so I might as well have one that costs less.   There is one spot in Oklahoma where it is useless so even then, Barb's little flip phone is better.  Would you rather have a phone that costs 25 cents a minute and works when you need it of one with free minutes but doesn't work everywhere you need. 

Another air liner has gone missing.   Guess I won't be flying overseas this year anyway so it doesn't matter to me very much.  About most of the flying I will be doing is on a lawn mower. 

The other day, I put a five gallon can of gas in the trunk and it tipped over on the way home.  It popped off the little yellow cap on the spout and I had about three gallons of gas spill out.  I tried to get it all out nut a, a little worried about the smell on the trip today.  I guess I had better go out and open the trunk lid an the open air.  Oh well, might as well smell like something.

In our garden, there is a formal asparagus patch and it makes a pretty large batch each year.  Up by the mailbox, there is few plants that are growing wild and it produces asparagus spears that are about twice as large as the one's in the formal garden.  Not sure why but I guess I should go study the soil there and see if I can duplicate it. 

Better run, see you on the flip flop.


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