Cool Hell, It is Cold...

One of the things that bothers me about Kansas is the fact that the weather changed from day to day and you can't be sure when to plant your garden.  Barb has most of her tomato plants in pots and she rolls them inside at night until she thinks it is really warm enough to plant the garden.  OK, if that is all the problems I really have with Kansas life would be way too easy.  We have a Governor and a legislature that tried out some ideas and they flopped.  Now instead of working on a good way to get us out of this mess, they have put things on delay and are working on the transgender bathroom problem.  They have hit a bunt out of the park but guys, they need to make sure it is in play before running the bases.   It wasn't...

Do you sometimes find it easier to get mad than really find a solution to a problem?  I guess the excuse that I am old kind of runs in the family.  You often do what you saw in your younger years and unless you stop and take stock you are destined to repeat that action.

I am slowly cleaning out the third stall in the garage.  I bought a couple of new shelves and just putting them together has taken more time than I wanted.  I bought Barb some great shelves that are about $30.00 more than the smaller shelves and they fit together like a glove and a hand.   The ones I bought are good but take a lot of time to put together.  Not to mention that they take two people to fit it together in the middle. 

Oh well, better go get some breakfast and get my act on the road.


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