New Years Day Rant

Ok, I really don't have any rant in me today. It was just a trick to see if you were paying attention. Waking up sober and un-hungover on New Years Day means that this is probably the best I will feel all day.
Does anyone else eat black eyed pea's on new Years Day? I am going to whip up a bog pot of beans and ham. Will have the peas on the side. May even make corn bread.
The weather here is finally acting like winter. It changed from Rain to snow about noon yesterday and by dark had just covered the ground. It will be 42 degrees today so that will be gone by noon.
Happy New Year to you all.

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  1. We still don't have any snow in Toronto, I guess it's not what you might expect from Canada, but we haven't had any snow yet this 'winter' and the temp has been sitting around 0 C. I must admit I'm diggin' it :)