Man its Cold Out There!

The temperature here is near single digits this morning and the birds are hitting the feeders like it was free! Well, Duh Dennis! It is free. Based on the amount they eat it must be fairly good also.
After the Obligatory comment on the weather, I will also wish you all a new year. You make it whatever you want out of that. Make it happy, prosperous, joyous or whatever, because it will happen no matter what you want. Yesterday Barb and I were putting up a new calendar and when I took the 2007 one down Barb told me to put up the 2006 one. I reminded her that just because she was no longer teaching she should not put her mid in neutral steer and count down. You must count up sweety. (Neutral Steer is the condition of driving a tank and you aren't telling it go right or left, just letting it go where it wants)
Some of my New Year Plans are:
  • Work on Dave's old house and get it rented or sold. In the depressed market it will probably go on the rental list until at least spring. It will join the other two on the list.
  • Get the truck back in good shape. I have a new fender to put on and the door must be centered and finished. Right now it is held shut with a bungee cord and it leaks air big time.
  • Not to forget the four home games that I have tickets to this year. Our good friend Paul Bahnmeier and his friends in Kansas City buy a pair of season tickets and this year they all are going to be out of town in January. They weren't free but I'm sure they are worth face value. Heck, to be able to buy them from the University I would have had to donate to the Williams Fund.
  • Work on including some solar features on both houses. I think Dave's home has a lot of potential for solar collectors and the big house here at Rabbit Run needs to be a lot more energy efficient.
  • This is probably the year we will need to invest in newer transportation. Barb"s Buick is approaching 90,000 miles and it will probably become the near the house transportation with some form of good over the road, high efficiency model for travel. Heck, I would like to buy a big old truck/camper but I'm pretty sure that Barb thinks Motels are much better/cheaper/easier.
  • This is the year that I think I will start to diversify my investments a little. I am worried that the dollar is falling in value and most of my investments are in dollars. I like the idea of gold but am not sure that in a really bad market you can eat gold. Come tax time I am already land rich and cash poor.
I'm going to go to the west side of town this AM and buy the new W.E.B. Griffin book the shooters. I will buy it a Sam's Club for about $17.00. I could break down and buy one of those Book Club memberships at Barnes and Nobles but even then the book is over $20.00 after spending $10.00 on a membership. Oh well, the football and basketball games will be fun for a couple of days. MUD

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