1.4 Trillion

This morning the news report said that the National debt reached 1.4 Trillion and they are now, after the commercial, going to speculate on what it will mean to the Health Care Bill. Personally, I think the congress of the United States needs to take a break and not endebt us any deeper this year.

Do I think that our health Care system is perfect? heck No. Do I think i can get all the health care I need? heck Yes. Is it cheap? No. Is it a good value? heck yes. Just in case you read face book, there was a song that said our system is number 37 in the world and that Morocco is rated higher. Our friends in Morocco have horror tales to tell about the problems there. Women are second class citizens and can't get a straight answer from a Doctor.

If we weren't playing Cop for the rest of the world, we might be able to do a better job. But, I challenge you that if we weren't producing military goods what would we produce? How many people would we un-employ to have more money to spend on Health care? I think that a lot of the people that can't afford Health Insurance are those working at the bottom end of the service industry and putting more people out of work won't help the numbers.

I for one, want the Government to leave me the hell alone and let me spend my money as I desire. I don't want a bunch of new benefits, I want to be able to spend my money as we want not make everyone else's life better. I worked for mine, they need to work for theirs.


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  1. Hey MUD! Well said...

    Hey man, I posted something, but I think you were on the road and may not have seen it. I thought about you when I read the story.

    Kansas boy... http://andysredneckramblings.blogspot.com/2009/10/kansas-hero-memorialized.html