During our trip west, the weather channel dominated our day as we were on the look out for bad weather headed the same way we were. Yellowstone was snowed out and both trips out and back were delayed by at least one day by fog. This morning Barb started to tell me about two storms headed this way and due to collide over Kansas tomorrow. Sadly, I had to sing her a verse of my theme song. "I Don't care, I don't care, let snow anywhere because, I DON"T CARE!" I guess it is all in your perspective. From the computer desk, looking out the window, it can rain, snow or whatever.

Our latest Elderhostel advertisement arrived this week and they have changed the name. They are now Exploritas and have a lot of the same adventures. Barb and I have done a couple of their trips and found them to be a blast. Basically you show up at the kick off point and someone from their organization takes you with them through an adventure. Most of the costs are included and that makes the trip much nicer to have to figure out the budget at the start of the trip. We have taken a boat out into a swamp in Louisiana and shot pictures in Phoenix. I am not sure if we will take a trip this year but you can bet it will be south to southern Texas, or Florida.

I still have a desire to see the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Moab Utah and a bike ride on the Katy Trail. I think that between Barb, Kris Jenn and me, we can figure out a way to have a nice ride and do our own support vehicle. I know that in the past Jenn has camped on the overnights but Barb and I find beds to be desired, no needed. I figure that Barb can ride half way each day and I will ride the other half. Half of a day riding and half of a day reading a book sounds wonderful to me.

I am considering buying a recumbent bike from Wal*Mart. I may have it delivered to my bike builder in Twin Falls. He has a lot of bikes that he has scrapped over the years and claims to have some good components. I'm not sure why I want another bike other than to have one for our friends to ride when we meet with them on our trips. I am working on the trailer so we can take our bikes with us. I am finally convinced that the plastic tarps from Tractor Supply just aren't up to 70 MPH over the long haul. They tear themselves up and look like you are going to be passed by a giant blue bird as it flaps on your way down the highway.

Oh well, enough time spent here. I am working my way up to a good rant but I'm not sure I care enough to sit down and put it in writing. have one for me.


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