What's Important!

I am going to look at my life in terms of what's important. Instead of having a Thanksgiving celebration, I am going to try to find a way to express what's important and then be thankful for the bounty in my life.

I am a lot more sure that what I own is getting a lot less important to me. It is nice to know that there is a foundation of savings behind us but I am pretty sure that we could get by with a whole lot less. I did enjoy travel but not just for the travel part. I think getting to see the people we saw was the highlight. I think the driving would have been a lot more fun if the weather had been a little better so we could actually get out and walk around more. I know the return trip down through southern Utah was some of the most spectacular. I am going to try to include a side trip to Moab, UT next time. In fact, Yellowstone, the Grand canyon and Moab are on my list for a trip probably in 2010. No trips west until after April 15th and none after September 15th. If Barb's hands are cold, we will go south only.

I am considering if it is time to go back through the Franklin Covey goals process. Seems like there is a lot of time spent now not doing a whole lot and I could use a re-prioritization. I don't think I will get it all the way down to program the hours as much as I did when I worked, but I might go back to having a list of things to do with some prioritization. I might even want to specialize that list by major parts of my life. Health, Wife, family, rental properties, Dave's House and garage are just a part of what I will focus on. I will continue the act of blogging as I really enjoy the expression.

For those of you with kids, focus your energies there as it is the most important investment you can ever have. At least it is one area that makes me smile about as much as any. Tonight we are going to take Dave and his wife Barb N. out to dinner for taking care of the dogs while we were gone. And, because we love them.

Fix a big old pot of soup, chili or whatever warms you up. I also made cornbread as a side.



  1. Good advice MUD. Those kids sure do get away from you quick, huh?

    Unfortunately, two of mine are flung far and wide. I sure miss them. #3 son is grown, but will be back here for a few years (unless his Reserve Unit gets deployed to Afghanistan).

    Just got one left (13), and I can't believe he's already 13...all young parents should take that advice to heart. I wish I had known how soon they would be "outa here" when I was a young man.

  2. It is an eye opening experience to really sit down and decide what's important in life. It's also interesting to see how this list changes as you "grow-up". My list now is Family, friends that are like family, my health, home and work. I know my health should be higher but if I am being honest(which I bluntly am) I tend to always put others before myself. Scrutinize if you want but you'd be wasting your breath because I can't help it;)

  3. Mmm! I made chili yesterday. Have a houseful of kids off and on today (three are at the library and one at a friend's right now, with two upstairs shooting people on TV). Life certainly is good. I'm glad you know you're blessed.