Will it ever Warm up Again?

It seems like our normal fall weather has gone south and has been replaced with cloudy cool weather. Even when we normally don't have snow or cold for weeks at a time, we have had interludes of Indian Summer so we can view the turning leaves in relative comfort. Seems like the cooler weather has also been accompanied with wind to add to the "chill" factor. That cold weather went northwest with us and it seems like the last 19 days have been a lot cooler than I would ever wish for. I have hopes that I will get a couple of days this week where it will be warmer.

I want to get the trailer and the bikes in shape so I can haul them when we go on trips. Being recumbents, they are just too wide to hang on the back of the car like regular bikes. Even with an 6 foot trailer my bike will hang out the back side unless I can work out a way to take off the front wheel. It would be nice if I can work out a hard cover for the trailer but I really don't want to build something that will have a big wind drag factor. I hauled a trailer from Georgia to California and that one time was enough. We'll see.


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