Did You Notice?

Barbara, can you hear me?

One of the banners above my blog was "Report Abuse". My question is, abuse from who to who? Am I to be turned in when I make a typing error for abusing the spelling? Am I to be turned in when I write a run on sentence? Are you going to turn me in when you read this crap and are as unfulfilled as I am when I write it? Am I going to turn you in when I see that I had 60 hits in one day and no one left a comment? Will Barb be turned in when she goes out to get the paper and forgets to feed Tiger? He for one will sit by the dinning room door and howl until he gets fed. What the heck?

Today we are having a blizzard of falling leaves. The frost the other day and the light breeze have caused the trees to drop their leaves in large quantities. I took the leaf blower out and cleared the deck and the sidewalks yesterday. You sure can't tell it today. There is a fresh 6 inch layer on everything.

One of the local car dealers was quoted in today's paper as saying the reason his business is slow is that his cars are built well and last longer. I hope it is because people like me are driving their cars until the wheels fall off out of pure economic sense. I say that everyone should have one new car in their lifetime but after that, buy a used car with as few miles as possible and drive it until it quits. My niece asked me what I would do if I had her KIA that needs struts and power steering work. I told her that I would carry a big screw driver and drive it until it stops. I would get out, take the screw driver to the Tag bolts and walk away. There comes a time when a merciful end for every car is deserved. I think she found some power steering magic fluid that helped but the struts probably cost more than the car is worth. It is time to sell when a full tank of gas doubles the value of your car.

Yesterday was a strange day. It started out sunny and then the clouds set in and just ruined the temperature. What should have been a good 60 degree day just never got there. The bikes stayed in the garage and no lake trip.

I have been thinking about writing some more of my military stories. I sure have been dreaming about them lately. I don't have a clue why unless it is the military channel on a lot of the night. Oh well, on with the day...



  1. I'd report you for not feeding that beautiful cat. :)

    We pitched the last van at its 13 year mark. It cost way more to keep than it was worth. Our new (five year old) van is doing beautifully. I plan to drive it around for at least 7 or 8 years.

  2. Hey MUD, it's hard to comment on your blog, because I agree with almost everything you write.

    From now on, I can say, "Kilroy was here." Nyuk! Keep up the good work. Always an enjoyable read.

  3. I am going to buy stock in the power steering fluid co. I think I will make a good return:)

  4. Oh and I read at least 3 times a week just am too lazy to post.