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In our own personal worlds, we might think we have all the answers and if'n we were in charge things would be better. For example, how many lives (about 100,000) would we have saved and how much money would we have saved if we had just let North Vietnam take over South Vietnam? The inevitable result of our half assed support for that war was that we would walk away and not go back in when the North broke their promise. We didn't lose that war, the politicians declared a victory and we walked away.

If I looked high and low in the world, I am not sure that I could find a more desolate spot than Afghanistan. It seems like, to me at least, that more people have fought over that piece of ground than it could ever be worth. It has been the scenery for many good movies and a lot of bad wars. I don't know if Bush or Obama could ever be right about the place. Ask the Russians if they think they should send an Army back in for more.

I wish you could all have been with me when I listened to a classified briefing by the CIA back in the early 90's when the CIA told us that North and South Korea would be re-united by the year 2000. Well guess what? I'm still waiting for that miracle to happen. In fact I am holding my breath that it doesn't break out into all out war soon. That briefing was classified Secret and should have been classified "Stupid Guess".

If we all want to see stupidity, we have let Iran build up to the place that they could push the Israeli button and then wait for the nukes to pop out. Many of us think that if they continue to flex their arms, the Israelis will cover them with glass (Try to imagine what happens to sand when exposed to high pressure and temperatures)

What is it going to take in the rest of the world before we join together and wave our flag proudly? I for one am proud that the President's wife played hula hoop with the kids and talked about exercise. Just how silly would most of us look with a hoop around our fat butts. I shudder to think that AP would cover me as I ride down the bike trail with that goofy grin on my face.

Did yo ever consider that if we brought all our Military home and used it to help our schools, would we have enough money for guns and butter ?(or health care or whatever) I would also cut our support to the UN and use that money for Free Junior Colleges.

Well, enough of the fantasy, I had better go read a book...


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