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Today's blog will be contained within the State of Kansas, or at least will start out that way. (If you count Kansas City, MO). The game between Iowa State and K-State is being called Farmageddon. It is for the distinction of not being the last placed team in the Big 12. The teams stink so bad that they are hosting the game in the Kansas City Chumps field so the fans in Kansas City will get to see winning football by someone.

In Lawrence, the football team has a week off and only have their inter mural teams to compete with. We know the Basketball team has the biggest balls but the largest number of players with protective equipment goes to the Football team. Never underestimate the Baseball team as they have bats in their bags to aid them if heavy fighting breaks out. Yes, that is tasteless and tacky but I think it is funny as hell. KU players and fans have always way over estimated their importance. Why do you think they called it snob hill for years?

Here in Topeka, USD 501 (Greater Topeka Schools) announced their individual list of schools that made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) is a shorter list to write than those that didn't make AYP. That is the fictional standard that no one will meet by 2014 so get used to it. Instead of a goal for no child to be left behind, everyone will be in a pile of "left behind" by 2014. Some great mind said we need a goal to improve schools. As that goal washed its way through Washington, it became a hard and fast regulation and will eventually have funding dollars tied to the success. This is only a numbers game and based on test scores.

Barb has a solution to the 501 problem. Dissolve USD 501 making a 1/3, 1/3 and 1/3rd split out of the students, give them and the funding to the outlying districts. Give 1/3 each to Shawnee Heights, Seaman and Washburn Rural. For a couple of years, the suburban students will carry the day. But again, I tell you that unless and until someone changes the requirement, everyone will be left behind by 2014. This is a silly standard as it does not measure how the kids do from year to year but against an absolute standard. A school can be doing much better but not make AYP. Include the Learning Disabled kids in this mix and you get stupid rules that make no sense. Besides, I have always found it to be a better leadership method to recognize those that really are getting better not publish the names of those that don't.

OK, I did kind of let the "No Child Left Behind" debacle into this blog, but it was really to set up the joke about the split of the intercity kids to the outlying districts. It is hard to write this crap and sometimes I just don't tell the truth when I'm not telling the truth. (I was going to write lie-ing but I never get that word right. Lying, Lieing, leiing- oh hell, pick one)

Will be sunny and mid 60's today here in the Heartland. have a great weekend and unless the Hay fever has you down, get out and do something, even if it is wrong.


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