Travel Tired

It seems like we have been on the road pretty much non-stop for a while and while I have a great list of super memories, I am road weary tonight. In fact, as soon as we arrived home tonight, I crashed hard on the couch.

It all started when Barb found a great car to travel in and I sat out an aggressive plan to use that car to make the rounds of friends and family. Of seven friends I had growing up, only three of us are alive today. I made up my mind that I needed to visit with Harvey and Ron while I had the chance. I guess I really feel bad about the loss of Whitney, Wayne, John and Dennis. My own mortality was staring me in the mirror and I blinked. We visited with Harvey in Bentonville and Ron in Kingman.

We made a trip to Idaho to see Barb's family there and while the weather made it a lot of travel for a short visit, the day in the park was about the most fun I could want. On the way back, we detoured to southern Utah to cross the Rockies and saw some of the most spectacular scenery. So much in fact that I have Moab on my 2010 list of places to see.

This past Friday night we traveled to Lenexa, KS to see the chili cook off, kick-off. The weather was cool but the food and company was hot. The Cedar Creek crew cook some mean food and know how to laugh at the weather.

We drove down to Skiatook on Saturday to send off our niece as she is leaving to get married in the Bahamas. Mel met and is marrying a police officer that is one fine man. He has a 15 year old daughter and a 9 year old son. She has a great family from the start and I wish them well. Shane's (the groom) parents are proud grandparents and have adopted the neatest kids to round out their lives. They have taken in three children that were a lot of fun to meet at the party. I envy them and the fullness of their life.

This morning we got up and met Kris for breakfast and then he and I went off down the bike trail for an 8 mile ride. The miles just melted as we talked along the way. It had been a week or two since I have had a chance to ride and it sure felt good to get out and go down the bike trail. I also took the bikes on the trailer down as a test case. I need to be able to tie the bikes down on the trailer in a better way. This week will be a a good week to work on that.

Barb and I will work on some pictures to update our travels and I post some soon.


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  1. just a note from another road weary person, who wrote a very similar intro last night. I feel your pain. Glad your back and can relax....I made planned overs thanks for the tip!!