Bidding But not yet Kissed

I have a NIKON D70 that has been well used and I want to have a used one to take apart and see what the pins for the CF card look like on the back side. My camera stopped working in the the middle of the Bryce Canyon shoot and it stayed down until I straightened it out. It seems to be working OK right now but still would like to see what connects the pins to the processor. I have been bidding on E-Bay and am not going to spend big bucks on a broken camera. If I win an auction, I'll have a spare. If not, no big deal.

The weather here is definitely on the nice side and the Jet Stream is way north so the changes this past week were only cool fronts not cold ones. We could use some rain but only to keep Barb from dragging a hose all over the yard. She does not like to put her plants to bed with dry feet.

Barb mentioned that the battery light was on on her Buick. Rather than stop and look at it, I drove to the auto parts store. Imagine my surprise when I found the serpentine belt shredded and just laying there. No need to put the tester on it. The alternator cannot charge the battery without the belt. The part that really surprised me was that the water pump on that car is driven by the cam belt and it did not overheat. Other than the battery light indicator it acted like everything was OK. It took me less than 10 minutes to repair it and most of that was time spent getting the belt around all the pulleys in the right way. Good practice.

This morning, I noticed that all of our cars have great tires on them right now. Most have been in for an oil change and are in pretty good shape although all are headed for the high mileage list. Is that a good sign or a bad one? I hope it is like that for me, lots of miles but well loved.

OH well, moving on...


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  1. All GM cars have a belt pully diagram pasted near the pulley area under the hood.
    I bet the belt was slipping and shredded and fell off on the way to the parts store, thus no overheating. Ray