It Died

- After 4 years of pretty much non stop use, our ATT 2Wire Modem died the other night. We had the ATT guy out last month to check our line and make it faster. I'm sure that it got so fast that the modem finally self destructed. Having a son that works at Best Buy really takes the sting out of the replacement. I am now back up on the air with Barb hard wired and me on a wireless net. Yes Barb, I know I have a mess on the floor over there and will pick it all back up in a little while.

I forgot how hard it is to speak computer with a semi English speaking person. I'm sure she said her name was John. There is a series of email names and passwords I just no longer knew. Then she kept telling me to look for the sticker on the bottom of the box. It was on the bottom of the modem - Duh Dennis... I will write all this crap down this time but probably won't be able to find the booklet in 5 years. Oh well....

The weather here in the heartland is with the shorter days, starting a little cooler and not getting quite as warm. The rain that was to land yesterday, made a little thunder and pout enough dirt on the windshield as to make me run the washer for one pass. We did get a couple of trees planted at Dave's.

We had a great day yesterday afternoon with Austen and Kyler. We are planning our great Halloween Bash for next weekend. The boys are really excited about the plans for the walk in the woods. We also had pizza for dinner and there isn't much left.

Better run - at least the computers work without having Dave come over to fix all my problems.


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