Mo' Pics

On my last day of shooting, we traveled to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and passed this along the way. Beautiful cliffs and bright red rocks. It was in the middle of the day so the dramatic shadows were not available. Pretty place in spite of the time of the day.

Even without the trees the bluffs along the road were tremendous. There were shallow valleys along the road and there were cows and at least one buffalo herd.

View of the Grand Canyon from the north rim was spectacular. Many people walk from rim to rim and then have to take the bus back. 12 miles across and 300 miles on the road around through Flagstaff.

I tried to take evening shots at the North Rim and walked out on the path from the Lodge. They need to complete the handrail on one side so unnamed scaredy cats can get out to the end of the trail.

This was the last picture on the D70 that I was able to download. I have the new card in the camera and it seems to work now.

Everyone needs to see Zion, Bryce and the Grand Canyon at least once in their life. I can say now, "Been there, done that!" Hope you have enjoyed the pictures of this Road Scholar trip. I highly recommend any trip they sponsor. It is conducted in a professional manner by real people that treat you with understanding.


  1. So beautiful it seems fake!


  2. Pearl is right. It's hard to describe to someone just how stunning that country is...and even though I've really enjoyed the pictures, as you know there is no way that a camera can capture it.

    Thanks for taking us along, MUD. I've really enjoyed it. Makes me want to go back, and take my 14 year old. He wasn't born when we lived out there, so he needs to go.