Indian Summer

As a child, I often heard the description of a warm period in the late fall as Indian Summer. It will be in the 80's again today with clear skies and low humidity. No offense to the American Indian, that's what we called it.

Barb is at a hair appointment right now and sometime today we will go for a bike ride. Got to keep the legs in shape. It puts a smile on our faces and warmth on our face. If we go early enough, the foot traffic on the path will be minimal. If we wait until noon or later, the dogs, kids and people will make it slow going.

I am watching season 4 of Dexter and must have missed a couple of the earlier episodes. Fun update.



  1. Hey MUD! Yeah, I said something the other day to the young man that lives here with us (not our son) about this glorious "Indian Summer" we're having.

    He asked me what I was talking about. So, I told him what Indian Summer is. Then he asked me, "How did it get to be called Indian Summer."

    I told him what I always told the boys when I had no idea. "Nick, that would make an excellent topic for a research paper. Get on it." I haven't heard back from him yet, though.

  2. Similar weather out here in the High Desert.