Cool Mornings, Warm Days

As we enter October, I find myself still dressing like it is is August. I took out the trash in shorts and sandals and found it about 50 degrees out there. A little cool for not enough clothes. Perfect weather for Barb's Cashew Blueberry pancakes. Throw in a couple of cups of coffee and some time on the blog and it is just right.

I am concerned that a lot of us are thinking that a new batch of Representatives and Senators will change the face of our Government for the good. The sad part is that unless we can find a way to elect people that will serve for a short period and do good for the country - AND GO HOME when it is over, we will get what we got! It needs to be more like the service to our country we did as young men and women and not a place where people build our sense of entitlement by providing an endless stream of wine, women and song. If Washington meant living in a barracks and not a home there, it might be seen as a place to do business. It should be an unaccompanied tour and you had to return home to your State each weekend. I would limit it to half time in Washington, D.C. and half time at home.

Let me be clear that most of the people I know have the goal of making the United States the best place it can be. The achievement of that goal is in the way we do it. On one side, there are people that feel that we should be friendly with the Nations of the World and they will like us. The other (and extreme side) feels that we need to keep our fists strong and take no crap from anyone. When I hear that all the people that are here illegally are going home to live in a better place I will seriously worry. I do hate that right now there are a lot of people out of work and people that think Government will step in and save them from all ills. No, I don't have all the answers, but to blame it on the last guy isn't the answer. I also don't blame it all on the President or the Congress. There is enough blame to go around.

In my perfect world, there is a leader that helps us all know that this is about the best place in the world to be and success is just a few steps from here. Barb and I grew up poor, and we both worked hard, got a good education and worked to make our lives a better place. We are at almost the opposite ends of the political spectrum but both worked to make our world a better place. We might think Globally, but acted locally.

As soon as it is warm, I'm going to go out and do a few errands. Spent most of the day mowing yesterday and am looking for a less serious set of actions today. Have a great weekend.


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