Cool Mornings

Fall at Rabbit Run
Crown Vic waiting for a road trip
Taco with his stick.

It is around 50 this morning and that is jacket weather for me as I walk out to fetch the morning paper. As as soon as I finish here, I will go spend a few minutes with Taco dog and play his favorite game - Fetch with a Hickory stick. When we started this game a while back, he could hardly walk after the stick. He now runs after the stick and walks fast coming back. There is the delay of marking each tree in the yard but with a male dog, some of that is expected. Life is way too short to not play with the dog. I there is a smile in every throw of stick.

In the mornings here at Rabbit Run, we hear the Shawnee Heights band practicing for the weekend activities. We don't get to hear all the music, but the drum line sounds manage to work their way through the trees and valleys. Kind of like having our own Indian pow wow nearby. It is mostly the Tom Tom drums we hear. Yesterday the dog was barking like crazy and just as I walked out the back door, a hot air balloon fired his burners. he was right over the house and had to fire up to make the field over by 45th. I don't think he would have liked to set down in the woods here.

Today I am going to spend a few hours outside making the path ready for the Saturday night fright walk. I am going to make artificial spider webs with mono filament fishing line. One strand across the path and then just hang strands down in the path. Nothing creeps people out more than wondering where the spider is in the webs. I even have a package of rubber fishing lures (without hooks) to put on one of the strings. Creepy cold rubber things on one of the lines. I also need to find a good way to have electricity down at the well area for creepy sounds and lights for the ghost that will appear. I'm not sure if I have quite enough extension cords to get clear down there but we'll see.

Oh well, another fifteen minutes shot in the rear. Gotta go. Bye


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