Nuts, Gnats

In a move to be more green, Barb has really been working hard on composting. She has been keeping the compostible stuff in a bowl and taking it out once every two days or so. With the availability of all the pears and apples, we have the inevitable fruit flies that annoy the heck out of me. I guess it is the fact that when I grew up, we called those little winged suckers after where we saw them in the summer months. In August, those poor old dogs in our neighborhood were always tormented by the gnats that circled their nether regions. For the lack of a better name, we called them "Dog Pecker Gnats".

Yes, it is hard to be politically correct when you grow up in a poor neighborhood. We had a lot of people from Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri there and most were first generation Kansans. They tended to call things as they saw them with out the benefit of a PC filter. Add to that, the negative effects of 30 years in the Military and you get a vocabulary filled with colorful descriptions that can't be used at the dinner table. I was the first generation there to use the correct version of the "N" word. Yes, boys and girls it is naked not Nekkid. Nekkid is when you don't have your clothes on and are up to no good.

We had a break last night in the 2 week drought. I tried to get over to the rain gauge in the garden but I was wearing sandals and with the rain last night, my feet were getting wet. I will just say that we got some and let Barb sort it out. She'll drag hoses all over the place to make sure the plants don't go to bed for the winter with dry feet. If I'm lucky, I'll get the hoses all picked up before I have a yard full of frozen hose snakes. If not, they will be there until spring.

1/1/1 to 10/10/10 seems to be a big thing. I am just glad as hell that I survived 1968 and the rest is gravy. Barb started it out right for me by marrying me in Feb 1968 and then a trip to Vietnam on the USNS Geiger spoiled the rest of the year. I think that 42 years of married life is just a testimony that Las Vegas weddings can work if you want them to. Take it from me that War is a great way to get your butt shot and in some cases die.

Oh well, can't dance and it is really too wet to plow...


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  1. Forty two years is a long dang time. Good for you both! I'm coming up on 19 here shortly and there are days I still consider homicide as a nice alternative. :)