Yesterday I told everyone that I was back up and running. That lasted only so long as Barb was logged into the net. When she shut down, so did my connection. I just stayed off it for a day and about noon today I started all over again. I reset the router and started all over again. This time I did not tell the set up program anything, I just let it do its own thing. When it finished, both computers work and Barb is hard wired through the router and I'm wireless. Great stuff.

We are getting ready for a Saturday night Halloween party for the kids. Kyler and Austen each will bring five friends over and we will try to do entertaining things and eat. The finale of the evening will be the walk in the dark woods to visit the graves of the family killed here at Flying Bat Woods. I'm sure that there will be at least one or two scary things that will just show up for the fun of it. The funny part about the walk in the woods, is that everyone wants to have spooky signs and such. It will be darker than heck out there until the full moon comes out and people won't be able to see anything I don't want them to see. In the dark night, the imagination is scarier than the real stuff.

I think we have everything, or at least one of everything the store had for Halloween. Throw in a ton of food and the cabinets are all full. On to the fun....


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