Great Chili Hunt

I have decided that I am going to dedicate a few hours to hunt for the best bowl of Chili I can find. McAlester's Deli in Lawrence served me a pretty darned good bowl the other day and it was in the lead until I had a bowl at Cook's American grill here in Topeka. To be fair, Cook's salad is so darned good that I might have given them extra credit.

As the mornings are turning cooler, I just haven't wanted to get out early and ride. I'll try to get Barb to go with me when it gets above 65. Should be a good week for a mid afternoon ride. I guess I'll just throw on a jacket and go play fetch with the dog. He had been escaping the dog pen and I reworked the electric fence. So far he is respecting the new fence. I built it a lot tighter and have it almost dog proof. We'll see.

I have been looking at cameras on EBAY and see a lot of the same ads over and over. I think I want to start with a replacement body for the D70 but then I see the D80's for a few hundred more and then there are the D90's. Oh well, no search is worth its salt without taking some time. We really don't need any lenses as we have a pretty good supply. I do hate to buy the body only as a lot of the cameras have a lens for just a few dollars more, Oh well.

Better go see what I can do to make Barb's day. Thanks to Dave's wife, we didn't forget her birthday. Might even do a card today as I just didn't get it done yesterday.


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  1. Hm. I find that the simplest recipes with the fewest spice mixes are usually the best. That said, I made gumbo this weekend, full of spices and ingredients, and it was divine. Hmm. Better than chili. Maybe next time you and Barb are in Tulsa you can stop in for gumbo?