Waitin' for E-Bay

I looked on E-bay for a non functioning Nikon D-70 Camera to take apart and see just what the Camera card pins are hooked to. While there, I just looked at the D-80 Camera auction. There is a nice D-80 body only for $335.00. Yes, I put in a bid and now am waiting the last hour to see if I am the winning bid. I also bid $25 on a non functioning D-70 body but that won't end until tomorrow. I got a couple of snarky remarks from Barb about needing to get rid of two before I buy anything new. I think I'll go up and see if there is anything in the hall closet that needs disposed of. We keep our camera equipment in there and have a couple of used cameras that could go to the good will.
update - My bid of $335 was a great price and I should have not been surprised when in the last few seconds, the actual price jumped by over $25 bang, bang, bang. There was no way I coule even enter a bid it all happened so fast. So, I learned a lesson and should bid mu Max bid to a realistic place. To tell the truth, a Bid of $400 would have been less than half of retail on a new D90. Oh well...

I am trying to decide if the 57 Chevy is worth spending money on or if it needs to be sold. I am not happy with the way the 4 barrel carb works and am pretty sure that I need to step down to a smaller one or even a 2 barrel. There is a small matter of the steering not being tight and the lack of power/disc brakes. I could mention the need for A/C but that's for next year if/should I decide to drive it. There are a lot of things I need to implement the use or lose rule to.

Oh well, I'll just keep on trucking on.


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  1. I quit buying on ebay because you are bidding aginst computer generated bids from unknown buyers. They can place a max bid amount in early and the computer takes over and inserts amounts higher than your bid at the last few seconds of the auction. You never know who you are bidding aginst. Shipping prices are also too high. They call it shipping and handling to inflate the price. Ray I.