Great Day!

My new friend Fried Chicken Chrispin Tristin. Don't tell MUD that you can't rhyme anyone's name. Can you tell he played the rhyming game? Took a little while to warm up but a great little guy.
This is Amanda taking pictures and keeping tract of where the other camera's are. Makes me want to be young again.
This is Barb and Kim talking in the shade. Pretty soon all the girls were together and having a great visit. Our niece from Tulsa was there and we had a great visit with her. Barb has her picture on Facebook.
Can you imagine that there is a person that goes to Chili cook offs and doesn't eat meat? He loves cheese pizza. Oh well, more chili for the rest of us. Andrew or AJ is a great kid.

We went to old town Lenexa to visit the Cedar Creek Chili team. They have a great set up and compete in several categories from wings to Chili. The weather was so nice, and I don't think it could have been better. It was in the 70's when we got there and by 2 PM was almost 80. The great food and good company made it the almost perfect day.
One of the nieces mentioned that she thought my mother was kind of mean. Barb told her that Mom wasn't as mean as she loved to have a good controversy going on and got them going by telling the last person she was with what she thought they wanted to hear. Instead of being united, we did have a few spats that were not needed. Yep, I was right in the middle of some like the rest of the kids were.
Leaves are falling like snow here and if the trees would just give the rest up, I would get out and rake them all up. It would be just a big waste of time to pick up half and then have another pile added later. OH well, I will get out and do something fun today.

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