Car Trouble

Yesterday Dave brought his Malibu over and we worked on the left front brake again. It looked good and nothing was worn more than the other side. After putting it all together again, I took it for a test drive. There is either a wheel bearing gone or the trans axle shaft driving the driver's wheel is gone. I need to look at the manual and see if there is more to be found. I don't know enough to tell what the problem is right now.

I hate it when I have all the tools to fix a problem and don't have the technical knowledge to even tell what to fix. The more complicated things get, the more we are determined to be a disposable society. It it takes a $90.00 service call to fix a used mower, people just tend to spend $125 for a new one. I can find examples of this all over.

When I worked in a gas station in the 60's, I could rebuild a generator or starter for my Chevy. Once they started putting in Alternators, that all stopped. Everything on a car today is Factory Rebuilt or new parts replacement. That's the ticket, we need to be able to rebuild the mechanic when his knowledge isn't up to the task today. Sadly, ain't going to happen McGee.

Oh well, frost on the pumpkin this morning.


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