Are They Over Yet?

The Last day of the Olympics has me about watched out.  I think I will plan my work for the week without any daytime TV involved.  There is rock to be hauled, paint to be applied and I'm sure there are a few things that will pop up for me to do.  I know I could spend a week just organizing my garage and the storage space at the rental houses.  

The good news is that the daytime temperatures are predicted to be in the 90's for the week.  In fact it was almost too cool to ride yesterday morning.  Barb tweaked her ankle coming down the stairs Wednesday night so she isn't going to be my bike buddy anytime soon.  I'll try to get over to the lake today and make a few circles anyway.

On Friday, we had our friends from Morocco visit for lunch.  To make it a nice visit, we invited several of our common friends to also be here. (Friends we have in common, there wasn't anything common about them)  It was a great visit and we all managed to have good food, good conversation and good times.  Typical of one of my meals, anyone that went home hungry did so because they wanted to.  In the past I was not a real fan of Filet Mignon.  I tend to go towards a Rib eye given a free choice.  I picked up some of the Filets at Sam's club this time and they were the best.  If the meat that WalMart is called Members Mark, try it.  That is the Sam's Club best and I sure like it.  I also did some pork and chicken and leftovers never go to waste.

Oh well, enough time wasted, I will move on and try to have some fun.  OK, I will probably watch the USA and Spain's Men's basketball game for gold.  


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