I Don't Get it!

In my world, there is a minor controversy now and then but most of the time we can have family discussions without any name calling or threats.  If that works so well for me, why does the reality TV world have to focus on the little gripes and fights between people that go out of their way to not get along.  There is a program about the Boyd Coddington Hot Rod shop and the focus is always about there is not enough people to get the job done on time.  I am always thrilled to see the process of building the car and the results not the little crap between people.  I don't watch cooking shows to see the personalities or lack there of, but the food.  There is a TV program that focuses on a shop that builds MOPAR vehicles and the boss is the worst kind of a micro manager and he sets the tune for one fight after another.  Even West Coast Customs has kind of taken a turn that direction.  I don't want fake relationships but focus on why you are there.  I don't watch Cup Cake Wars but do they have food fights with cupcakes?

The other thing I have found offensive is the tendency to go to the nearest trailer park and find the most outrageous people they can find.  There is a redneck that is just plum crazy and hunts snapping turtles in water I wouldn't let my dog drink.  I have only watched the previews of Honey Boo Boo to know that the worst Georgia has added to our TV season.  I won't be watching.   

When I go to the theater, I carry earplugs anymore.  I have given up trying to fight them to turn the volume down or coming out feeling like my ears have been inside a firefight.  Why?  Do you really have to feel the explosions and bullets firing.  In the world I live in, we should go out of out way to help our children have good hearing not bone conducting vibrations.  Oh, by the way the way - If your mirror vibrates and your license plate needs to have the bolts tightened weekly, you will be deaf much earlier than I was.  Heck, I had one car pass that was playing the music so loud it made my mirror vibrate.

My ideal TV program has a staff of good writers that presents a nice group of people and interesting plots.  I never found Law and Order a consistent group of actors but the stories were so good that the changes were OK.  I'm sure that you have a favorite show and watch for many reasons.  I choose to not watch the fights between people on a regular basis.  Stupid people just get the old channel changer action.  



  1. You're so curmudgeonly. I love it. :) I stopped watching TV about five years ago. We ditched cable and stopped cold turkey. One of the best decisions we ever made.

  2. This morning I woke up early and the American Hot Rod program was on again and they focused the entire time on the personalities of the people fixing the 55 Chevy Convertible. I will not watch that program again.